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The Queen of my home is a notebook for the busy Muslim Woman. 

A compact notebook for the everyday notes and lists we have included a hadith on each page with the virtues attached to the various acts of service that we render as women . Rewards for assisting our family members, for taking care of our sick for doing the mundane . 

We have also included ten duas throughout the book with specific qualities that we need in the ups and downs of life. 

Dua for strength 
Dua for Barakah 
Dua for kindness 
Dua for Empathy 
Dua for worry 
Dua to be Merciful 
Dua at the time of inability 
Duaa for good character

And the list goes on.... 

May Allah ease the loads of all the women out there! Ameen 

A 96 page notebook 
Full color 

Queen of my home Notebook

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